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Adding a payment card

Help and support documentation

Adding a card

To add a payment card to your club membership account, select Pay from the main menu and then Add a Credit or Debit Card.

On this page enter all the requested information. You will need to provide;

  • Cardholder name
  • Address
  • Postal code
  • Card number
  • Expiry date
  • CVV/CVC code

Under the new Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) rules, you may be asked by your bank to verify your identity when adding a card. Follow the instructions shown on screen if this happens.

You’ll be able to use your card for any future payments. Due to the SCA rules you may still be asked by your bank to verify your identity for any payment.

Alternative ways to add a card

Whenever you use a new card on a checkout page, we'll save your details for future payments.

We won't save card details when you pay with a secure wallet such as Apple Pay or Google Pay.