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What happens when my card expires?

Help and support documentation

Visa and MasterCard Cards

If your bank or credit card campany has issued you a Visa or MasterCard card, we may be able to update your card details automatically when it expires.

This is because your bank, via Visa or MasterCard will let us know your new card number. Sometimes this might be before you have received your new card so don't be alarmed if you see your last 4 and expiry date change before the new card arrives.

American Express Cards

With American Express credit and charge cards, your card details won't update automatically, but a card that has already been set up may continue to work.

Removing a card

If you want to remove a credit or debit card, go to Pay, Credit and Debit Cards. Select the card you want to remove and then press Forget card.

You can remove a card at any time - You don't need to wait for it to expire.