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Help and support documentation

This guide assumes you already know how to use Git and It also assumes you know what a git branch is and what a Pull Request/Merge Request is in services like GitHub and GitLab. If you don't know these, please read up on them before you continue.

How to make a contribution

  1. Decide on the document you would like to create or edit
    • All help and support documentation is located in ./src/help
  2. Create a new branch
    • If you're not a member of this project, you'll need to fork the project to do this
  3. Make and commit your changes
  4. Create a Pull Request on
    • Select development-main as the base
    • Select <YOUR BRANCH NAME> as the source/compare branch
  5. Create the pull request with a description which explains
    • What you have changed
    • Why you have changed it

Pull Requests will be merged into development-main, which is the staging branch. This branch is then periodically merged into main.

Managing a Table of Contents

A table of contents provides a useful mechanism for users to find their way around a particular topic, but providing and editing a table of contents is a little more involved than just editing a markdown file.

Here's how it works;

  • A table of contents is stored as a YAML file called toc.yml
  • When a user loads a page, we look up the directory tree. The first toc.yml file we find is selected
    • We only look as far as ./src/help or 15 enclosing folders up the tree, whichever comes first

A table of contents YAML file looks like this;

- name: Windows Terminal
    - name: Overview
    - name: Get started
    - name: Customize settings
        - name: Startup
          href: customize-settings/
        - name: Interaction
          href: customize-settings/
        - name: Appearance
          href: customize-settings/
        - name: Color schemes
          href: customize-settings/
        - name: Rendering
          href: customize-settings/
        - name: Profile - General
          href: customize-settings/
        - name: Profile - Appearance
          href: customize-settings/
        - name: Profile - Advanced
          href: customize-settings/
        - name: Actions
          href: customize-settings/

This example comes from Microsoft, who use the same structure for their documentation platform.

There is no enforced limit for the depth of this tree however YAML files must always be valid.

All links in a table of contents are relative but you may not make a link to a location which is higher up in the directory tree than the directory containing the toc.yml file.

Managing breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are still a work in progress.